Our Story

It was destiny with a dash of serendipity that led Beth Assaf to begin her own business.  She grew up in the rug and carpet industry which gave her a natural eye for color and style as well as rich knowledge of the art, history and complexities of handmade rug making.   She became intrigued with antiques while living in Paris in her twenties when she befriended a couple who dealt in European antiques.  Appreciating the fact that antiques have timeless beauty and quality while holding their value, Beth was captivated which  later ignited the marriage of her rug and carpet heritage with a new found love of antiques and home furnishings.  After returning to the U.S. and graduating from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her world travels in the textile industry and continued intrigue with rugs and antiques led her to open her store Rug Chic in Mandeville, Louisiana,  also her home. 

For many years, Beth  has been supplying interior designers and the public with the finest oriental/persian handmade collectible rugs, fine furniture and home decor. As a purveyor of fine hand-knotted rugs and carpets, Beth has traveled the world in search of the highest quality craftsman and suppliers using superior quality materials and dyes.  She searches international markets in the U.S. , the street markets of Nepal, Turkey, India and China and works closely with a colleague in Pakistan to find fine quality, one of a kind rugs that will last for generations.  As well, she is careful in choosing only items that are made with 100 percent child free labor.  Over the years , Beth has developed strong, collaborative relationships with the world's finest craftsman and dealers providing her an inventory of fine rugs and furniture like no other in the southeast region of the U.S. 

The Rug Chic showroom is filled with an array of antique, traditional, and contemporary rugs, hand selected antique furniture, as well as exclusive fine upholstered furniture, unique accessories and art that will provide a distinctive look for your home to compliment today's interior design.  Our staff members have experience in helping you  find just the right piece for your home.  Beth truly loves sharing the discovery experience with her clients and her knowledge of handmade rugs, antiques and fine upholstered furniture will give you the opportunity to create a thoughtful, well designed, casually elegant look for your home.